Technology today moves at a breakneck pace. Gadgets and apps are always being renewed and refreshed. There is always another blockbuster movie, another hit single, a new sensation. Our connected world is rapidly becoming a disconnected world.

Social media and the internet have made it possible to connect and follow people around the world–and it’s easier than ever. But is easier always better?

In today’s connected world, so often we become over-connected that we become disconnected. It’s easy for us to feel attached to so many things outside of ourselves, things that we might feel are a part of our lives, but which really separate us from reality.

Think about this for a moment: when was the last time you pulled out your phone when you were talking to your friends? Have you ever felt the need to check social media during church services, your family dinner, or when you’re watching a sporting event?

Being so connected can have its drawbacks. Sometimes the connectedness we feel is actual a form of disconectedness. We want to stay connected so much of the time that we isolate ourselves from the everyday, real connections that make us who we are.

So what can we do?

Perhaps the best tip is simply to be conscious. Think about what you’re doing when you pull out your phone at the dinner table. Why do you feel the need to look at updates of other friends when you are sitting across from friends already?

Talk. Converse. Listen.

Conversations have enormous power to change the way we think and the way we see the world. Put down Instagram and talk with your parents, your grandparents, or your nieces and nephews.

You can do it! With a conscious effort you can reconnect in a disconnected world. Make a goal and start today.