Don’t Throw These Things Out!

Across most of the U.S. the snow is finally melting. Spring is around the corner and you know what that means–spring cleaning!

But wait. Before you go on a cleaning binge and start throwing everything you can see in the recycling bin here are 4 things you may want to file away instead of throw away.

1. Report Cards

You may be thinking to yourself, “Yeah right! There’s no way I’m keeping all of Suzy’s report cards!” And you’d be right. Keeping every paper that comes out of elementary school is asking for a cluttered disaster, but filing one away per year is doable.

Be sure and keep notes too, about favorite subjects, teachers, and anything of note about the grade.

2. Certificates

The same thing goes for certificates. If you keep every one that your child receives you’re likely to start stuffing pillows with the things.

Identify any certificates that are especially meaningful or beautiful or commendable. Keep just a few and recycle the rest.

3. Yearbooks

Will you ever look through your old high school yearbooks? Maybe not, but your children will. Yearbooks are more than just a way to remember yourself, they also serve as a time capsule for a whole era. If you have to save on space keep just one or two. Maybe your freshman and senior years.

4. Ticket Stubs or Receipts

I’m not talking about saving receipts from your trip to the grocery store, but maybe think about saving the receipt from a family expense that was memorable like a trip to Disneyland or to a movie you all enjoyed. These should be fewer and far between, but they can still be memorable items to hang on to.