Attention all men. Mother’s Day is coming!

This year, Mother’s day is Sunday, May 8. Go ahead and stop reading this for a second to set a reminder on your phone or write it into your planner.

For those who haven’t made any plans yet, here are 5 novel ways that you can celebrate the wonderful mothers in your life.

1. Write a poem

No, poetry isn’t overrated and no, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

For those who are step-by-step DIYs, this how-to guide for poem writing might do the trick. Maybe you’re a simple person looking for a simple way to write poetry. Try this Haiku writing website. It shows you how many syllables you’ve used and puts the line breaks in for you.

Whatever words you use, be sure to tell the special woman in your life “I love you.” Those words are by far the most important.


2. Don’t just give her flowers, go visit some flowers

Looking for a way to do more than just hand your wife or mother a bouquet? What about going to visit a garden or flower festival nearby?

Perhaps you know someone who has a well-manicured lawn who’ll let you take an hour’s stroll. Or maybe there is a public garden you can go visit. Whatever the case, consider taking a nice walk with the woman in your life. (And be sure to get some flowers for her, as well.)


3. Make a voice recording

With a smartphone, anyone can go around and make recordings of children, friends, and family members expressing love and appreciation. A few minutes on audio-editing software (check out Audacity, a great free program) and you can compile these recordings into an mp3 that you can download to a computer, phone, or tablet to have ready for Mother’s Day.


4. Invite her to share the day with someone in need

This idea takes some careful planning, but could result in some of the best Mother’s Day experiences yet. Approach your wife, mother, or mother-figure and explain that there are those who are in need during this time. Ask if she has any ideas about someone who you could invite over for a dinner or someone who might appreciate a special treat.

Then take the time to serve that person. It can be wonderful to share blessings and gifts with those who are lacking, and a mother who has no one to celebrate Mother’s Day with will greatly appreciate any effort! (But don’t forget to spend some quality 1-on-1 time with the special mother in your life anyway!)

From all of us at Fjor Films, have a happy Mother’s Day!