If you’re like me, Christmastime and the holidays is a season filled with traditions and memories. Nothing sends the chills and excitement of Christmas down my back like the sound of a crackling fire, the smell of freshly brewed hot chocolate, or the opening notes of “Sleigh Ride.”

However, if you’re also like me you probably relish the memories that Christmas traditions bring to mind but really never take the time to sit down and record those memories.

The Challenge

This Christmas I want to issue you a challenge. Instead of simply remembering internally or telling stories about “Christmases long, long ago,” record those stories.

Recording Christmas memories can be as simple as having your children write one thing they remember about a special Christmas gift.

Maybe think about investing in a simple voice recorder (or just use your cellphone!) to pass around on Christmas eve when those memories of Christmas stories start to flow.

Consider recording a home video of children wrapping or playing with presents or maybe take a picture of each child with their presents to help them remember that Christmas in the future.

The opportunities to remember Christmas and to fill it with joy and memory are endless!

But remember, memories are just empty nostalgia unless they’re shared. Be sure to make an album of your photos, share your videos with loved ones, or consider investing some time and money in a legacy package like the film package offered by Fjor Films.

May your holidays be happy and full of memorable cheer!

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