Thanksgiving is practically here! In the spirit of the season, here at Fjor Films we’re happy to share with you our top 10 ways to show gratitude and get in that “thankful” spirit this holiday season. Let us know in the comments if you have any other ways to show gratitude that we didn’t cover!

1. Be happy

Being happy is a choice, so choose to be happy this Thanksgiving! Maybe you’ve had a tough week or you have to work Black Friday, but do your family a favor and put on a smile. It can make all the difference!


2. Give a hug and say “I love you”

Whether it’s your best friend or your grandmother, nothing says thankfulness and gratefulness like a tight hug. Set a goal this Thanksgiving to give more hugs.

3. Find a favorite picture on your phone and show it off

If you’re like me, you take hundreds of pictures on your phone or tablet. But how often do you actually show those pictures to your loved ones? Go through your phone and find a few that you haven’t shared and pass them around.

family cooking

4. Share a story about cooking a family recipe

Do you have a special recipe that’s been passed down to you from your parents or grandparents? Instead of telling the people who ask that it’s “a family secret” share your cooking adventures with the people who taught you the recipes. They’ll love to hear your success stories!

5. Start a round of “I’m thankful for”

Instead of talking politics or religion while you’re sitting around the table, start a round of “I’m thankful for.” Each person takes a turn saying something they’re grateful for. Maybe set a limit of three rounds before or after your Thanksgiving dinner.

6. Make a phone call

Take the time to call your loved ones on the phone. Texts and emails work great during most of the year, but hearing someone’s voice and actually talking can make your Thanksgiving special.

7. Put down your electronic devices

Make a rule that cell phones and tablets get put away for Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of texting, talk or share some favorite memories and stories.

playing games

8. Play games instead of watching them

Does your Thanksgiving revolve around the TV and the Thanksgiving football games? Change it up this year by playing a game yourself instead of watching one. You can search online for easy card games or play a family favorite.

9. Do the dishes

Nothing says “thank you” better than pitching in to help with the after-Thanksgiving chores. Be proactive this year and start filling the sink with hot water before someone asks you to help.

10. Write a thank-you letter

Take some time this Thanksgiving and write a thank-you letter to someone special in your life. A handwritten note can be a treasured gift.

Happy Thanksgiving!