To Be Remembered


Fjor Films was founded with the belief that a person shouldn’t have to be wealthy or renowned to be remembered. Each individual has a life full of experiences that have immeasurable worth and impact. The documentaries and products we produce allow individuals, families and companies to have a voice in how history will remember them. Our talents and technology make it possible and affordable to create a remarkable project just for you.

The Lessons Of Today


“Our goal is to preserve the lessons of today for the generations of tomorrow. Customers tell us that Fjor products restore a human connection in a very real and palpable way; much like the front porch rocking chair conversations of a more genteel time. One on one, human to human—only we enhance the process for our digital era.

Use The Art Of Storytelling


In the end, we know your story is composed of a colorful palette of struggles, triumphs and insights of lessons learned. We use the art of storytelling as your gift of remembrance…a gift that will resonate now and in the future.