The Book

The included coffee table book is bound in embossed leather. Each book we design is as unique as the person it highlights. We use your words, quotes and edited transcript from interviews and filming to bring your story to life on the written page. Combine this with your photos and documents and our book designers create a treasure that requires no electricity, no batteries and no technological know how needed to enjoy. What a simple and beautiful way to reminisce and bring back the intimacy of conversation that pass on the lessons of life.

Vault Box

The Fjor Vault is designed to be proudly displayed on a coffee table, or to fit on a bookshelf for safe-keeping. It is constructed of beautiful wood and laser-engraved leather. Other thoughtful accents are used, such as weathered metal cladding and a decorative conch for secure closure.


Two DVDs are included inside your Fjor Container. The first DVD, Sojourn, is the full version of your professionally produced documentary film. The second DVD, Reminisce, is a digital archive that includes a four-generation family tree, cherished photos, important documents and personal home media. Both DVDs are encased in an embossed leather slipcover. Additional DVDs of either type may be ordered should you desire extras.

The Tablet

Employing the use of our electronic tablet provides a portable and fun way for groups to view your Fjor Films documentary. It also serves as a handy, quick-view digital archive of your four-generation family tree, photos and documents. It is compact and easy to take on any of your travels, whether they be business or pleasure. Don’t be surprised when you find others looking over your shoulder to also view.

Reminisce USB

Our Reminisce USB drive is a digital archive that houses the same contents as the like-named DVD (four-generation family tree, photos, documents, etc.). Compact with an organic feel, this plug & play device was a must-have inclusion since so many laptops and electronic devices no longer feature DVD drives. Besides, what could be better than having one more way to sit down and take a reminiscent walk down memory lane.

Sojourn USB

The Sojourn USB Drive is an additional way to embark on the journey of your life. It contains the finished documentary—just as the correspondingly named Sojourn DVD. Made of distressed stained wood, the Sojourn USB is a back-up that fits right in your pocket. A word of caution: we find that we just can’t stop playing with these little gems.